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Full loads – Direct

This is where the same trailer collects the load that delivers to the final consignee. No handling takes place during the transit. This is the more common method of transport for EU movements. But this becomes more expensive & less flexible for non-EU movements. This is known as an FTL movement (Full Trailer Load).

Full loads – Indirect

This is where one trailer collects the load & takes it to an intermediate warehouse. The cargo is then carefully transhipped & re-secured on another vehicle for final delivery. This is more common for non-EU markets. It has a number of advantages over a direct trailer. Firstly it costs less, normally considerably less. Secondly, it’s always more flexible as we do not have to find a driver who is going all the way to the final destination, only a driver that can take the load to an intermediate country in the EU, from where there are vastly more options available. Thirdly it means the border crossings are normally done on a locally registered vehicle with a local driver, meaning customs procedures will normally be facilitated more efficiently. Fourthly, and this is normally forgotten, due to some of the distances involved with these non-EU markets, its actually helpful to restowe the cargo before it leaves the EU. Thus checking for any document discrepancies & re-stowing the load which can help prevent damages.

Part loads / Groupage

These are also known as LTL (less than Trailer loads). This is where only part of the trailer is booked. Unlike a Full Load (where the whole unit is reserved regardless of cargo space used) it is vital that these types of loads are accurately booked as you will pay & receive only the exact space booked. Groupage shipments normally are both collected & delivered on smaller, domestic vehicles after first being trans-shipped via local warehouses. Part loads will normally tend to collect or deliver on the main trailer but not always. A degree of transhipment is possible depending upon the load size. Part Loads tend to be larger shipments whilst smaller loads are normally called groupage.

Express Movements

Similar to a Full Load, this is where the whole vehicles are used to provide the fastest possible transit to final destination. These loads can be direct (no handling) or indirect (moved on several vehicles) and sometimes involve multiple drivers to gain the fastest possible delivery time. This is the most expensive road transport movement but delivers the fastest possible solution for urgent goods. Hourly/Daily contact is kept with driver teams to keep you full informed at all times where the vehicles are located.

Other Services/Options available:

  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Frigo/Temperature Controlled
  • Track & Trace notifications