Capabilities | Rail

Block Trains

This is where large numbers of rail wagons & containers are consolidation into a single block train consolidation. The train then moves from desired Rail-head to Rail head of destination. With our partners in Finnish Rail, we have been involved with these projects previously. Providing a high degree of cost competitiveness but only when bulk movements are possible with the limitations of Railhead locations.

Rail Wagons

These come in a number of lengths carrying upwards of over 60,000Kgs. One common option for long distance deliveries is to consolidate multiple trailers/containers into these, saving cost over the majority of the transit miles. Again, the delivery needs to be close to the end rail head.

40/45ft Rail Containers

A very common option where a standard 40/45 ft container can collect & transit to a European Rail-head where it will be loaded directly onto the train for journey to the final Rail head. A good solution for single containers but again, the delivery needs to be close to the final railhead.

Multi-Modal Movements

This is where the speed & flexibility of road movements is combined with the cost saving of rail movements. Whilst the collection & delivery is taken care of by Road, the long distance movements between railheads are done by rail, saving the maximum of cost.